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After the game, we went to mcdonalds. A sentence with an independent clause, a dependent clause and a prepositional phrase.

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Know the difference between a phrase and a clause.

After the game phrase or clause. (after the game does not have a subject and verb, so it is a prepositional Fraser will not be teaching next year. After the game, the team danced in a huddle.

Phrases and clauses are both groups of two or more words that convey ideas. After the game, we went to the pizza parlor. When they went to the zoo, she saw an elephant for the first time in her life.

Fraser will not be teaching next year. The game will take place when. A dependent clause with a subject and a.

Writing center prepositions and prepositional phrases last edited: After school, i watched tv while i finished my homework. The preposition, such as “after,” tells the relationship of the noun (object of the preposition) to the rest of the sentence.

Tell students that they are going to play a game and that they will create sentences with adjective clauses, which will be materials for the game. After the game phrase or clause answers: Opening the gate, jose let his dog into the yard.

Opening the gate, jose let his dog into the yard. The player who hits the winning run will be. Phrase or clause 7 1.

We gave up the court when we had finished the game. Before school, i brushed my teeth. A prepositional phrase contains a preposition followed by a noun.

It is too bad that ms. After the game was over, the team left for new york, for a memorial service. The stated main idea of this paragraph is a) passing fears are common in early childhood.

Terms in this set (35) phrase. They add meaning to sentences, but the sentence can exist without a phrase. To make this phrase into a clause,.

To correct such an incomplete thought or fragment, simply add an independent clause: After i finish, i’m going to read my book. The main difference is that clauses have both a subject and a predicate;

Underline each adverb clause below. Opening the gate , jose let his dog into the yard. Is the following underlined part a dependent or independent clause?

In this case, “after the party” tells when i went. After the game, we went to the pizza parlor. D) other common fears are of thunderstorms, doctors, and imaginary creatures.

After i came home, i went to bed. (a phrase does not contain a subject and a verb.); Put students in groups of three or four.

When she comes, make sure to tell her the good news. After the party, i went right home. Whenever they arrive, i will be waiting for them.

While we finished the game, the others waited. However, since the phrase does include the subject and the object, it cannot stand alone as a complete sentence because it (as a lone part) does not give a complete meaning or sense. After the game, i went to bed.

Phrases are part of clauses. Fraser will not be teaching next year. From the 'essential skills' list atwww.aaronprejean.comadapted by m.

An adverb clause always has a subject (who/what) and a predicate (what the subject does): It is too bad that ms. A sentence that begins with a prepositional phrase.

It mostly consists of a preposition, an article or a noun, e.g., on a. The girl whose leg was broken last year will be running in the big race tomorrow. Unless he comes early, i will not wait all day for him.

Indicate whether you think the underlined words are a phrase or a clause. After we finished the game, we went to the clubhouse. After the game, the team danced in a huddle.

A sentence that begins with dependent clause. Using the powerpoint, show the students a picture and model a sentence about the picture that contains an adjective clause. The game will take place tomorrow.;

The game will take place in the morning. The player who hits the winning run will be the mvp for the game. C) by 6 years, children are more likely to be afraid of the dark.

We were happy that we had finished the game. After the game had finished, everyone went to a pub. It is too bad that ms.

(both clauses have a subject and a verb.) introductory prepositional phrase: When talking about clauses, it is important to know the difference between a clause and a phrase. However, there is an easy way to tell if you’re using a phrase or a clause.

Here are two kinds of phrases that sometimes look like clauses.

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