This film has a bad rap but it is actually quite enjoyable. Having now seen little nicky, in which adam sandler plays the retarded son of satan,.

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Stars like ozzy and a good sh*t.

Little nicky movie review. The movie is funny the first time, after that, you're asleep: Find family movies, movie ratings and movie reviews Dark humor is always fun.

Little nicky just when some of his critics wish adam sandler would go to hades, that's just where he goes in little nicky. in many ways, sandler turns the joke around on his detractors and. I hated the film, and thought it was a wasted opportunity to do something great. Made me want to jump onto the screen and kill little nicky.

I watched it on tbs at 3:00 am, it was funny. Without fresh souls to feed on, satan starts to disintegrate. It is definitely funny and the cameo's make it worth it.

It stars adam sandler as nicky, one of satan's three sons as he attempts to save his father. When the devil's mean older sons spread mischief on earth, satan begins to fall apart. Satan ( harvey keitel) has been on the job for 10,000 years but decides not to retire.

Little nicky movie reviews & metacritic score: When satan decides not to yield control of the family business, two of his three sons plot an evil coup. Generally, those regular voice movies (happy gilmore, big daddy, and the wedding singer) are more broadly appealing than the funny voice movies, like the waterboy.

Gave me a heavy sensation of nausea and a bad headache. Little nicky has adam sandler doing his most magnificent of idiots, a wannabe punk rocker from the literal depths of hell with drapey hair and partial jaw paralysis which results him in doing his most strenuous dingbat voice. Made me lament that i could…

Little nicky is a 2000 american comedy directed by steven brill. Made me want to slap adam sandler in the face for making such a shitty movie. Made me sorry because my 42 inch lcd screen which was playing this was also enduring the same pain as me.

That roils up cassius and adrian, who bolt for new york and freeze the gates of hades behind them. Just hang back and enjoy. Such examples are in hell where dan marino tries to bargain his soul for just one superbowl win (which satan refuses because he is a jets fan) to heaven where one angel comments on god, “he is so smart.

Like any adam sandler movie, little nicky is a saturday night live reunion, pulling cast members from. Little nicky=a let down and. The film really disappointed me.

There are at least 666 reasons for teens to avoid little nicky. It is not a smart comedy but it is hilarious and a good time. Take the case of shy, awkward little nicky (san.

Little nicky is a boring, forgettable comedy that hasn't stood the test of time. Little nicky is the story of the son of an angel and the devil. For better or for worse (mostly for the worse).

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